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Are You Digitally Fit?

Benchmark Your IT Strategies

How well is your IT organization adapting to ever-changing customer and employee expectations of their digital experience? InformationWeek’s DigitalFit self-assessment tool, powered by Omdia, allows you to benchmark your strategies against 10,000+ organizations worldwide for FREE.

With almost every business interaction having a digital component, in a marketplace where customer expectations are increasingly high, every organization needs to be "digitally fit." This means your strategy, customer-facing operations, digital products, back-office processes, and data usage – and the platforms used to support digital operations must meet current and emerging challenges.

Our DigitalFit self-assessment tool provides a quick way to evaluate how well-positioned your business is to fully leverage the opportunities of the digital era.

After completing the brief self-assessment, you will access:
  • A benchmark against 10,000+ organizations across the globe, including industry peers and cross-industry leaders
  • Actionable advice and insights on areas that require attention and mediation
  • Downloadable PDF of your benchmark scores to share with colleagues
Whether your organization is private-sector, public-sector, or not-for-profit, its “digital fitness” is critical to continued success in a rapidly changing environment.

See how you measure up today!

Your data privacy rights are important to us. All data and metrics from DigitalFit are analyzed on an anonymized basis only. Data on individual organizations will not be shared with third parties.

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